About Us


The Malaysian Cruise Industry Association is a non-profit organization that encourages its members involved in the cruise
industry to enhance and development the cruise industry in Malaysia.



To grow the members cruise business into viable companies.



To be a platform for members and cruise industry stakeholders’ aspiration to compete in the global market place.



  • Act as intermediary to facilitate interaction between members with Government, Cruise Operators, Port- Operators
    and relevant stakeholders.
  • Foster the growth and development of the Cruise Industry in International Trade for the growth of the
    Malaysia’s economy.
  • Provide members with human resources training in order to improve productivity and quality products and services.
  • Disseminate information on Government development strategies, market research, statistics and policies on the cruise
    tourism industry.



  • MCIA will facilitate the establishment and development of business contacts within the cruise industry globally.
  • MCIA will endeavour and undertake to disseminate pertaining to opportunities and best practices of the cruise
    tourism industry.
  • MCIA will endeavour to organise and participate in forums that will enhance the growth of the cruise tourism
    business within Malaysia and globally.
  • MCIA will facilitate familiarisation study tours, ship tours & worldiwde onboard familiarization trips with relevant
    stakeholders of the cruise industry.
  • MCIA will undertake to provide relevant cruise industry trainings with CLIA for its members and their employees.
  • MCIA will provide quarterly business talks to assist members in planning and growing the Cruise business.
  • MCIA will help to increased your operation profit



The Committee of Association

Position Company Represented by
President Airlines Booking Center Dato Rashid Khan
Deputy President Jebsen Travel and Tours Services Lim Chee Tong
Vice President PST Travel Services Sdn Bhd Tan Sian Wha, Selina
Hon Secretary Forerank Travel Sdn Bhd Chay Fong Moon
Hon Treasurer JKC Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd Chen Wai Kin, David
Committee Member Tong Yan Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd Tan Chen Lin, Edwin
TLC Travel and Tours Sdn Bhd Lai Khe Han
Discovery Travel and Cruisine Sdn Bhd Lee Choon Long
Cosmo Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd Sian Keng Huay
HYT Travel Services Sdn Bhd Sim Soo Guan
Times Holidays Travel and Tours Sdn Bhd Wong Ah Chian